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Our experienced photographers are passionate about inspiring everyone to bravely be their own brand of beautiful. We take the time to get to know your personality and understand your vision, and work with you to create a stress-free experience that is truly comfortable and memorable.

Our shooting style is characterized by its emphasis on creativity, fun, and positive energy, with a focus on capturing genuine moments and emotions, ensuring all images reflect your personality and style.

Our attention to detail, commitment to quality, and personalized approach will ensure that every image is dynamic and tells a story. Don’t settle for ordinary – let’s create something epic together and transform your priceless memories into affordable art!

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tiffany lemoine

Chief Creative Officer | Lead Lady behind the Lens
Cleopatra with a Camera | Maker of Magic | Vanguard of Visuals

Tiffany discovered she had a knack for photography in high school when she took her first class. “It’s kind of crazy, I chose photography as an elective thinking ‘well, it’s better than woodworking’. I had absolutely no idea how hard I’d fall in love.” Tiffany started Ahnvee Photography 8 years after that first class due to a yearning for a creative outlet. “That’s where ‘Ahnvee’ comes from. It’s a Cajun French slang meaning desire, craving, or hankering, and that’s exactly what I had. I desperately needed to be reunited with my long lost love.” Tiffany states that she would have never guessed her craving would lead her to where she is today. “I don’t think words can describe it. I’ll just say that I’m glad my face is hidden behind my camera at weddings because I’m ugly-crying with joy from being able to capture these special moments for clients. I absolutely love what I do, and I finally feel like I have a purpose in life.” “It’s definitely a wild ride, but what fun is a ride if it doesn’t have it’s ups and downs?”