Benefits of Having a Second Photographer at Your Wedding

Every moment of your wedding day is incredibly important to us, priceless and otherwise! Ensuring that every detail, emotion, and occurrence is captured is one of the ways that we show our dedication to delivering the very best.  As such, the division of the workload is not only infinitely invaluable, but absolutely necessary!

It allows us to capture moments occurring simultaneously, that even you may have missed.  It also means that many of your most cherished moments will be shot from a variety of angles. The addition of this variety increases the number of final photos that capture every detail in a way that you are proud and excited to hang over your fireplace or send to your loved ones.

First and foremost, the creative and photojournalistic style you see most common in our portfolio is not possible without the help of a second photographer.  We’re confidently able to bring to your images the creativity and artistry that uphold the unique brand that we work so hard to provide. For portraits, the second photographer assists in gathering and posing groups, which allows for a quick process and more time devoted to celebrating. The second pair of eyes is also incredibly helpful with fixing stray hairs, threads, or any landscape obstacles in your images.  And lest we forget, photographers need a potty break at times.  A second photographer allows me to take 5 without the risk of missing anything.

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