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Boudoir with Ahnvee Photography | FAQ's

At Ahnvee Photography, we work hard to provide an amazing experience from the moment you walk in the door to the delivery of your images. Part of the expertise we provide is ensuring that you are comfortable every step of the way, therefore we’ve put together a few FAQ’s below to help ease you into the experience.

Q: Where do you take the boudoir photos?

We have dedicated about 2 years and lots of blood, sweat, and tears (and money) into creating the coolest boudoir studio in the state (although we’re a little biased)! 

The Pampering Room: Complete with mini bar, a bomb-ass greenery wall with neon signs, vanity, and a relaxation area, it serves as the perfect place to kick off your boudoir experience! A vanity mirror sits right across this wall with our curated collection of makeup; this is where we will be sipping on mimosas while getting to know each other a little better.

The Boudoir Studio: A dedicated space for the boudoir photo session. The studio feels intimate, hosting a variety of lux styled furniture adorned with furs, silks, and textures that compliment everyone. Dramatic with botanical flair, the space was made for the exploration of confidence and expression within a private setting.

Our boudoir studio displays a different set onto each wall, encouraging a dynamic set of photos with the appearance of multiple locations. A black silk bed covered in fabrics is showcased in dreamy blues, purples, and florals. A victorian intricate wall with vintage props frames a deep purple colored loveseat. A sharp, modern paneled wall hosts a luxurious plum shell-shaped chair with accent lighting. Finishing up the room lies a bricked backdrop with a jeweled lounger, fur pillows and a leather feel. 

Ahnvee Photography Boudoir Studio


Q: Do you retouch the images?

We do retouch every photo you receive, however, we like to keep it as light and natural as possible. Every image will receive eye enhancement, skin smoothing (removing imperfections, thinning wrinkles, and minimizing pores), slight contour, evening skin tone, and hair smoothing, if applicable. We use a technique called frequency separation which allows us to even out the skin and hair without losing the texture – resulting in skin that looks flawless but not retouched. Our goal is to enhance and perfect, but not make any drastic changes. However, if you have specific retouch requests, we are open to making those adjustments while still keeping it as natural as possible. Please note that extensive retouching may be subject to an additional fee. Below is an example of retouching a client asked for in regards to her derrière:

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Q: What is the turnaround time?

For boudoir sessions, the turnaround time for digitals is typically 2-3 weeks from the session date. This is to ensure the highest quality and expertise in retouching and enhancement. We do offer rush editing for an additional $100 with a turnaround time of 1 week from the session date. Prints and products typically take 5-10 days to arrive at an address of your choice after purchase.

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Q: Do I have to be naked for my boudoir session?

No, absolutely not. This is a common misconception around boudoir. We’ve photographed people completely covered. The best thing you can wear is your confidence; seeing that confidence in a photo is undeniable. We will work together to find out what works best for you and your comfort level.

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Q: What should I wear for my boudoir session?

If you don’t own any lingerie or don’t want to buy any, just bring your confidence! We do provide a client closet stocked with lingerie, robes, body suits, corsets, and cover ups in several sizes. There are also stockings, socks and accessories available to jazz up any outfit. It is important to note that we currently do not have costume jewelry available in the client closet. Because we want you to be as naturally sexy as possible, we feel excessive jewelry takes away from the authenticity of the experience. Think about it this way – does anyone really go to bed or make love with bulky jewelry on? We prefer it to be less like what you see in the movies and more like real life. However, please feel free to bring any jewelry you prefer!

If you are looking for outfits or lingerie for your boudoir photos, we have compiled a Boudoir Outfit Guide with several affordable options from Amazon. Most of these options are Prime eligible which means they will arrive in only two days.

Lastly, never feel like you have to wear lingerie for a boudoir photoshoot. We’ve seen anything from cheeky panties and sexy off-the-shoulder sweater to a wet white tank top. I’ve even had a bride ask to take a picture in nothing but her veil. You really don’t have to get fancy with it. We can get creative with shadows, sheets, cover ups, and more.

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Q: Is there anything I should avoid wearing to my boudoir session?

Avoid colors that are light, bright, or white. White is not only the most difficult color to photograph, but it picks up every other color that’s around it, so it’s never really a true white. Brights show up way more neon than they should. Bright color also reflects and transfers onto skin which is never flattering. Neutral colors and dark colors work best.


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Q: Is hair and makeup included in the packages?

Professional makeup application is included with every boudoir package. Because our artist is certified in makeup application specific for professional photography, they understand how to bring out the right amount of shadow and highlight and select the perfect product to enhance your natural beauty. Techniques and product used reduces common issues such as flash reflection, dark eyes, and large pores to create a flawless and sexy look. This pampering process also adds to the entire boudoir experience and provides a great opportunity to be get comfortable and sip on your beverage of choice before the session. Hairstyling is not included in the package, but can be added on and ranges from $30-$50 depending on style.

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Q: Will I still look beautiful in my boudoir photos even if I’m not a size 2?

Say it with me: SIZE DOESN’T MATTER! First and foremost, this whole experience is for YOU. We photograph people of all shapes and sizes and truly see the beauty in everyone. It’s a common misconception that you have to be flawless to be beautiful. We typically only see ourselves from one angle, and we at Ahnvee are here to prove that there are 360 degrees of beautiful in everyone! You’re going to gain confidence; you’re going to feel empowered and look at yourself in a better light. In all honesty, we’ve had more size 12 clients ask to share their images with the world because we provided the confidence boost to allow them to love their bodies, and they wanted to show that beauty off!

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Q: Can I schedule a boudoir session while pregnant?

Yes, we love maternity boudoir sessions! There’s a magical and unique beauty to a maternity belly – something about carrying and the amazing changes of becoming a mother has some women feeling their sexiest. We highly encourage documenting this extraordinary milestone with a boudoir session!

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Q: Can I bring a friend to my boudoir session?

We encourage you to bring a friend if it makes you more comfortable. That being said, keep in mind that in our experience, clients that don’t bring a friend are less likely to feel pressured and/or get distracted. Your friend may have already seen you naked, but keep in mind that you’re more vulnerable getting into certain poses and trying to feel sexy. We would never discourage anything you need to feel more comfortable, just keep in mind that there will be a photographer and assistant and too many people could get crowded and distracting. If you’d like you can always have as many people as you’d like during the pampering process and they can leave once we start shooting.

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Q: Do you offer couples boudoir?

Abso-freaking-lutely! Some of our favorite sessions have been couples boudoir sessions! In most cases, your significant other’s presence and involvement allows you to feel more relaxed and certainly naturally evokes more emotion, which we love! 

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Q: Why do boudoir sessions cost more than portrait sessions?

Boudoir is a specialized skill that requires additional education and certifications. This price takes into account the extra expense of having a studio and boudoir closet. Also, included in the package are your professional makeup application and complimentary mimosas. Since boudoir shows more skin than other sessions, there is also the additional retouching and editing that it requires. This is all factored into the price of boudoir, which is why it is more expensive than traditional photography.

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Q: Will you share my boudoir images online?

Privacy and confidentiality of boudoir is something we take extremely seriously. We do not share anything publicly unless it was specifically taken during a model call for marketing promotion. All of the photos you see in our portfolio were contractually released with the model and/or client’s signed permission. We do have a secret Facebook boudoir group where we encourage everyone to share their photos or experiences, but we never post any photos ourselves. It is completely up to you if you want to share your images online, and we sincerely respect everyone’s wishes.

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Q: Where can I print my boudoir photos?

We make it super easy to order prints and products straight from your gallery by offering high quality printing through our professional and trusted lab. Because we don’t want you to invest $500+ on a session and get subpar prints – we offer the high quality prints at our cost. The lab prints in all sizes and provides album options as well. To read more about this and see examples, check out our blog post on comparing print labs.  

Q: Do you provide different product options like photo albums, and if so can I get some estimates?

You will have access to purchase prints, products, and albums directly from your gallery and have it shipped to an address of your choice! You can view all product options and pricing at the sample gallery at



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We pride ourselves in the special skills and artistic ability that comes with boudoir and guarantee that you won’t regret investing in your boudoir session. If our boudoir session is something you’d like to experience, fill out our form to schedule a session today! We’d love to work with you!

Take a peek into how we are different that other boudoir studios by watching our youtube video!