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Boudoir Outfit Guide

One of the first questions we get when clients book their Boudoir session is, “What should I wear?” Our Boudoir Outfit Guide can help with anything you need!

When people think of Boudoir photography they automatically think, “lingerie”. While lingerie is a popular option, it is certainly not the only option. For my Boudoir shoot, I wore a pretty bra and panties with a lacy robe as well as a pair of cheeky panties with an off the shoulder cropped sweater and knee highs. You do not have to wear all the fancy, expensive, or strappy things!

With any photography session, you want to stay away from whites, brights, and lights. Whites make most subjects look washed out, and always seem to pick up and absorb other colors around it. It’s very difficult to get a “true white” in a photograph. Brights are picked up more neon in camera, and it also transfers onto skin in a photograph, so staying away is your best option. While light colors are good for enhancing and accentuating areas, they will often times make subjects appear bigger than they are. Dark colors help to conceal areas, and neutrals are always a good option, especially with boudoir photography.  The most important part, however, is how YOU look and feel in an outfit. Be sure to take all outfits for a test drive to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in anything you choose. Feel free to snap a picture and ask our opinion; we are here to help in any way we can!

We’ve included links to some of our favorite items on Amazon at the end of this post – and they’re all under $40!


The Classic Boudoir Outfit

A great classic option to wear for your Boudoir session is, of course, a lacy bra, panties, garter and stockings/knee highs. This look is very classy and intimate, and we are sure your partner will love it! 

black lace lingerie and thigh high stockings boudoir outfit guide blog post photo 


The Girl Next Door Outfit

If you want to hide the tummy, a loose off the shoulder shirt of sweater is perfect with a beautiful pair of your favorite panties. A robe or cover-up is also a popular option for concealing areas you are less than confident about. Have fun with this and know that whatever you wear, THEY WILL LOVE IT!!

baby blue babydoll lingerie lace chiffon boudoir outfit guide blog post  chiffon lace teddy lingerie boudoir outfit guide blog post


The Curvy Girl Outfit

Corsets are a great way to accentuate your curves, or give you curves while slimming your tummy also! Corsets also give you more lift and support and help the girls stay in place. Pro tip: you can find corsets with black or white down the sides that will create an optical illusion. Dark sides will create a slimming illusion and light colors down the sides will accentuate your curves, adding definition. There are also options for slimming underwear which compress and cinch the waist – all which can be found linked at the end of this post. 

boudoir outfit guideboudoir outfit guide


The best part about a boudoir session is outfits are optional! Your body exudes beauty, so you don’t have to make it complicated, just make sure that it speaks true to your personality and style. Some of our clients choose to wrap up in sheets or use angles and shadows to show off their unique curves. Some like to wear their partner’s shirt! Here are some examples of our images of our beautiful models who chose the lingerie-less route:

boudoir session boudoir session


The Hostess with the Mostess

Here at Ahnvee, we like to provide our clients with a few things to use during their sessions. We have bodysuits, corsets, teddies, robes, cover-ups, and accessories for your disposal! Here are some of our images of our models wearing our boho lace robe and black lace maxi dress:

boudoir sessionboudoir session



Props are the most common way to showcase your (or your S.O.’s) personality.

Some popular choices are:

  • A piece of your significant other’s (favorite hat, shirt, tie, or object they love)
  • Uniforms (jerseys, military jacket, work shirt)
  • Activity related items (bottle of champagne, veil, and bouquet)
  • Career-related items (stethoscope, books, whistle, microphone)
  • Just for fun (glitter, confetti, bubbles, balloons, flowers)

Honestly, you can wear whatever YOU want! This is your boudoir session, and it’s all about YOU! No matter if you’re super comfortable showing off your skin or if you are more modest, we can make you look and feel like a thousand bucks! We hope we’ve given you some guidance and ideas for your session – but remember you can contact us at any time for more suggestions!

Take a peek into how we are different that other boudoir studios by watching our youtube video!

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