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Choosing a Wedding Venue for Stunning Photos - Things to Consider

Like most things when it comes to wedding planning, choosing a wedding venue for your ceremony/reception is extremely stressful! Everyone wants a beautiful, unique, yet affordable venue to spend their special day. But the list of things to consider are often overwhelming and overlooked. As experienced wedding vendors, we wanted to share a few things that can help narrow down your location ideas so you can get the best wedding photos!

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Choosing a Wedding Venue for Stunning Photos – Things to Consider

The Ceremony Location

  • Don’t only focus on “altar” what does the opposite side look like? (This will be the background of everyone who walks down the aisle)

It’s a good idea to check and make sure there isn’t anything unsightly on the opposite end of the altar. Parking lots, active traffic, and shopping centers aren’t what you want to see behind your wedding guests!    

  • Is there enough room between the first row of guests and where the wedding party will stand for photographers & videographers to move about?

Trust me, your wedding photographers & videographers will need to move freely and quickly in order to get those shots you are dreaming of!

The Reception Location

  • Is there enough room to fit your wedding party behind the cake table?

While this one might not be a total deal breaker for choosing the venue, it still is an important consideration. If you wanted grand photos of you and your wedding party toasting at the cake table, its  important to make sure there is adequate room to do so.

  • Will the bar/food line obstruct anything?

This is often overlooked, but can be an issue in the background of your photos. Are you okay with your guests potentially standing in line for food being included in the photos of your first dance, money dance, garter toss, etc.?

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General Considerations

  • Will the entry door be obstructed?

This is mostly for your wedding vendors, especially photographers and videographers with lots of equipment that need to get in and out regularly to capture different scenes of your wedding day. Also a big consideration if you wanted to do a grand entrance/exit through the main doors. An obstructed doorway could put a major roadblock in those photo opportunities.

  • Will the ceiling and floor photograph well? Is it stained?                                                 

While minor damage/stains could be fixed in photoshop, your photographers can’t change the fact that the floor is carpeted with deep stains, or if all the ceiling tiles are drooping & water damaged. Do yourself a favor, and give a quick glance at the floor & ceiling with your photos in mind.

Wrapping Up

By using this guide as a checklist to review the wedding venue you have in mind, you can be sure to setup your wedding photographers for success & get those stunning photos you’ve always dreamed about!

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