Making the Most of a COVID—19 Wedding

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is stressful – with or without a pandemic in your way. Whether choosing to postpone your wedding or deciding to continue with your original date, both are difficult choices affecting all 2020 brides. While difficult, believe it or not, there are actually many benefits to having your wedding in the midst of the pandemic.

Should you choose to continue with your 2020 wedding, we want to help you make the most of your special day by providing some insight based on our experience capturing COVID—19 Weddings!

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An Intimate Celebration is More Special

One pro to having your wedding during the pandemic is the opportunity to have your closest friends and family celebrating your special day. While large weddings can be great, they provide much more stress on the bride and groom who often find it difficult to greet all of their guests throughout the event. With packed receptions, it becomes much more difficult to have meaningful interactions with all of your guests. A smaller gathering provides an opportunity to spend more time with everyone attending and allows for more more memories with those closest to you.

Another bonus of a less chaotic wedding is ensuring you look and feel relaxed in your photos, resulting in better expressions filled with undeniable emotion.

Small groups can also provide scope for much more intimate and special photos. The photo below is a great example as you can clearly see the faces and reactions of everyone in attendance.


wedding photos photography lafayetta la louisiana ahnvee

A Pandemic Wedding is Budget-Friendly

It is well known that wedding planning comes with many hefty expenses. A COVID—19 wedding can result in a lower cost wedding that allows for extra funds to allocate to the things that are most important to you.

It’s obvious that with a smaller crowd comes decreased costs on catering, bar, rentals, or other vendors. Maybe you wanted to splurge on gourmet catering, but couldn’t afford it with your initial guest list. Wished you could add an open bar for guests but it wasn’t in your budget?  Whatever the case, cutting down on attendees can free up extra cash for other upgrades to make your wedding dreams come true.

You may also have the potential to land deals from venues or vendors in need of business due to COVID—19. The stress of a pandemic doesn’t stop at brides and grooms to be. Vendors have also been directly affected by the pandemic. With several brides and grooms postponing or cancelling their weddings, vendors are offering promotions and discounts to continue their cash flow. *Although this is not a given and you should never ask for a discount, you may be lucky to score a deal.

Or let’s be honest – maybe you want a little extra spending money to give some financial cushion post-marriage! Hey, we get it! One of the benefits of having a little wiggle room in your budget is that you get to decide where and how you use those funds.

wedding photos photography lafayetta la louisiana ahnvee

There’s More Room for Unique Flair

Having a wedding under these odd circumstances provides a lot of room for unique flair. Imagine the (almost) unbelievable stories you can tell your grandkids about having your wedding during the middle of a pandemic!

A smaller wedding allows you to focus on having those special touches on your wedding day that you will remember forever. Maybe you wanted to deck out your venue with tons of flowers only to realize your favorite florals are the most expensive? Or maybe you wanted unique uplighting but couldn’t justify the extra cost? With a smaller celebration you may be able to find the means to add all the Pinterest worthy pizzazz.

A smaller wedding can allow your photographer to capture more artistic and creative photos. With large fast paced weddings, there isn’t typically a lot of time to devote to creative and unique shots. However, with a COVID—19 wedding, we are able to devote time to getting perfected, jaw dropping, artistic photos everyone will be talking about for years! Take a look at the photos below that were captured during a COVID—19 wedding (especially the fun we were able to capture in the soul train!)


Having a wedding during a pandemic is possibly less than ideal, but there are definitely ways to make the most of it! COVID—19 weddings allow for smaller crowds, more intimate moments, and not to mention the stories that come with having your wedding during the middle of a pandemic!

wedding photos photography lafayetta la louisiana ahnvee

Don’t forget to be diligent regarding precautions and considerations for your event. For more information about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines on events and gatherings click here.

wedding photos photography lafayetta la louisiana ahnvee