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Embracing a Non-traditional Wedding

The Big Day & Your Wedding Plan

We have a secret – It’s okay create a non-traditional wedding plan! Wedding planning is notorious for being a stressful experience for the bride and groom. Many couples feel pushed to follow the rules of traditional weddings, despite not being enthused about the idea themselves. The pressure to have a traditional wedding commonly comes from family, friends, and fear of bad luck. However, some wedding traditions have sinister origins. Our goal today is to help you make that decision to host the unique wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

Wearing a Pure White Wedding Dress

The Royal & Recent Origin

Where does the white wedding dress tradition come from? You’d be surprised to know that it wasn’t always this way. Queen Victoria was the first to wear all white to her wedding as a member of the royal family. This happened in 1840, marking the new trend of victorian royals who wanted to show off their wealth with pristine white dresses which were only worn for a single event.

How Brides are Switching it Up

Did you know that a red wedding dress was all the drama in European weddings once upon a time? Be bold. Be you and follow that internal voice that wants deep jewel tones or lofty rose colors. Some bride wear mini dresses and dresses decorated in patterns and floral elements. Say yes to the dress of your dreams – don’t hold yourself back with outdated restrictions!

Plus ~ White is extremely hard to photograph. You’ll be doing your photographer a favor!

Not Seeing Each Other Before the Ceremony

The Reason Might Make You Uncomfortable

While the white wedding dress origin is pretty interesting, this wedding tradition takes a dark turn. Commonly throughout history, marriages were more transaction and less about finding love. This wedding tradition’s purpose is to prevent the groom from getting cold feet if he wasn’t attracted to the bride. Brides are cloaked in a veil and grooms forbidden from stealing a glance at the bride before the ceremony.

How First Looks Present Emotional Photo Ops

But your wedding isn’t a transaction! The love of your life proposed you because they’ve taken the time to know you & have fallen head over heels. This tradition is poor in taste, and very outdated. Brides & grooms who break this tradition rarely regret doing so — Grooms are actually more emotional when seeing you for the first time in private rather than in front of the wedding party. We love capturing this special moment.

non-traditional wedding ahnvee photography weddding cake black matte icing with berries red roses leaves and pomegranate fruit decorating the table

Smashing Cake into Each Other’s Faces

Roman Wedding Tradition with Themes of Dominance and Fertility

This tradition started in Rome when bride would have barley cakes crushed on top of their heads to end the wedding night. This was a symbol of promised fertility and a show of the man’s dominance over his wife. (yuck!) While smashing cake in each other’s faces has evolved into something silly in nature, most brides regret the decision to do so when their dress, makeup, or hair is ruined.

Take the Cake – Leave the Mess

Should you cancel that custom cake order you’ve been looking forward to? No! Bridal cakes are form of self expression, and guest love them! However, many people choose to not make a show of cutting cake and opt for something low key. Cutting the cake at the begging of the wedding reception often leaves you rushed and unable to enjoy a private meal.

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Diamond Rings and Fresh Floral Bouquets

Poor Hygiene & the Sketchy Diamond Industry

Did you know that fresh bouquets & flower adornments are commonplace in weddings because people were worried about smelling bad before showers were made accessible?

Diamonds – while stunning and crisp – are extremely inflated in price by the jewelry industry. Diamonds were so commonly found in the 1900’s that the fine jewelry industry decided to push them heavily in wedding marketing to increase profits. They raised the value & gouge the price of the common jewel.

Resin, Birth Signs, to Heirloom Jewelry

One of the most unique bouquets we’ve photographed was an elopement bouquet that was beautifully preserved in resin. We also see bouquets made of tropical leaves in leu of flowers. Also one adorned in beads and jewels. Not a flower person? Experiment!

The same goes for engagement and wedding bands. Our own assistant opted for a simple textured band without any jewels. Maybe you have a favorite gemstone or feel attached to your birthstone? These are valid options for engagement ring jewels.

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At the End of the Day – It’s Your Day!

Whether you decide to walk the path less travels or embrace tradition, your wedding day is for YOU! Trust your heart! You ultimately know what is best for your ceremony.

Want to learn even more about the dark origins of wedding traditions? Check out the video that has us inspired to create this post!

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