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Our Favorite Photoshoot Locations

Check out some of our favorite locations for your photography session!


Avery Island, Louisiana

  • Jungle Gardens

A beautiful a 170-acre semi-tropical garden along Bayou Petite Anse on Avery Island.  This site is home to tons of mossy oak trees, flowers and wildlife, and boasts some excellent photographic landmarks!

There is a $50 fee for a photography pass for sessions at Jungle Gardens. Per Jungle Gardens rules, you must be present to purchase the photography pass at 5pm. There is a $10 travel fee.

Jungle Gardens by Tiffany Lemoine

  • Rip Van Winkle Gardens

A beautiful garden grounds that makes for stunning nature shots, with the sun streaming through the leaves. This has become one of our favorite locations to shoot because of the vast area and variety that the venue offers!

Bridal photos at Rip Van Winkle are $100/hr, and all other photos are $50/hr. There is a $10 travel fee. You can read more about booking here

Creative Portfolio by Tiffany Lemoine


Lafayette, Louisiana

  • Downtown Lafayette:

You won’t be surprised to find a variety of locations Downtown to take the picture-perfect portrait. Between murals, both modern and dated buildings and walls, and natural Louisiana scenery, it should be easy to find the perfect place for your next photo session Downtown.

Downtown Lafayette is a free location with no travel fees.

Downtown Lafayette by Tiffany Lemoine

  • Moncus Park:

A fast developing park in midtown with bathrooms, ponds, native plants, nature trails, and rolling hills.

There is a parking fee. There is no travel fee for this venue.

Moncus Park by Tiffany Lemoine


  • Maison Mouton:

A historic location established in the early 1800’s turned Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Entry fee is $150. There is no travel fee for this venue.

Maison Mouton by Tiffany Lemoine


  • UL Art Museum:

UL Art Museum is a free location with no travel fees.
An inviting venue nestled within the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s campus. Don’t be misled, this location is more than just a museum! There is a surprising amount of photo opportunities packed into this place… for free! The museum itself has a sleek sea-foam wall that is itself stunning! Similar in theme, but even more engaging of a backdrop, is a waterfall wall. This waterfall creates some interesting effects that is hard to come by anywhere close to home. Next up we have a stark white brick wall, paired with large, elegant columns. This is the perfect place for some more formal looking photos. We haven’t even left the Museum yet! Tucked away behind the main building, is a corner of brick and over-grown ivy. We think that this is the perfect mash-up of lush botanicals & urban landscape. Now we’ll move on to the spots we love that stray away from the UL Art Museum, but are still in walking distance. Next door is Girard Park, which has tall trees with trailing vines, a rotating selection of flowers in bloom, and a small bridge which acts like a pedestal for whoever is posing on it! Don’t just trust us, look for yourself at the photos we captured HERE at the UL Art Museum!

UL Art Museum by Tiffany Lemoine


  • Magnolia Greenhouse:

A unique boho venue – made from repurposed windows and filled with gorgeous greenery!

Venue fee is $50/hr, and there is no travel fee for this venue.



New Iberia, Louisiana

  • The Mill:

The Mill is a unique and rustic spot for photography! At first glance, this place looks like an abandoned building, but it is truly a hidden gem. If you like the rustic edgy look or even beautiful green vines, this spot has it. Having unique colorful graffiti, old brick walls, and a tree swing, The Mill has so much potential!

The Mill venue fee is $30, and there is a $10 travel.

The Mill by Tiffany Lemoine

There is also an option to rent a car for your photoshoot at The Mill. There are two Buick Rivieras, one in green and one in black, and they are $20 to rent for a session. There is a black Porsche for rent at $40. There is also the option to use a free tractor or army Humvee if the owner of The Mill is on the property.

favorite locations to shoot


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • The Old State Capitol:

This place is truly a jaw dropping spot for photography! It boasts colorful stained glass, an intricate spiral staircase, and tons of Disney princess vibes.

The venue fee is $200, and there is a travel fee of $40.

Old State Capital by Tiffany Lemoine

View our location spotlight of the Louisiana Old State Capital here:

Alexandria, Louisiana

  • Buhlow Lake:

This site is probably the most diverse location in CenLa for unique backdrops. Between the lake, dock, rocks over the water, railroad ties, fields of trees, forest area, and tall grass with overgrown wildflowers…it’s a photographer’s dream! I took my own engagement photos here so you know it’s gotta be good, right?

Buhlow Lake is a free venue for photography. However, there is a travel fee of $50.

Buhlow Lake by Tiffany Lemoine


Mandeville, Louisiana

  • Fontainebleau State Park:

Fontainebleau is one of our new favorite locations to shoot. The stunning Louisiana landscape makes for eye-catching photos every time! The mossy trees set the stage for perfectly framed photos and the natural beauty of sunset on the beach makes for an undeniably stunning backdrop! PS this is truly the best place for getting IN the water, which we’ve recently become obsessed with.

Fontainebleau has a $5 entry fee per person, and there is also a $150 travel fee.

Fontainebleu State Park by Tiffany Lemoine


Saint Francisville, Louisiana

  • Greenwood Plantation:

A stunning venue located in the Feliciana Hill Country. Greenwood Plantation is a popular venue for weddings, a place perfect for bridal shoots. Want something traditional with an elegant flare? This location is suited for both indoor and outdoor photo sessions, featuring vintage furnishings and lush botanicals.

The entrance fee for this location is $250. There is also a $70 travel fee.


Saint Martinville, Louisiana

  • Chapel in the Woods:

Chapel in the Woods has a $40 venue fee, and there is no travel fee for this location.

A farmland venue with a rustic feel. The naturalistic design and expansive fields create an inviting warmth unique to this location.

Chapel in the Woods by Tiffany Lemoine


Sulphur, Louisiana

  • The Secret Garden:

This stunning location is perfect for the vintage lover, providing show-stopping photos that we all drool over! The hidden gem of Sulphur, The Secret Garden has a huge variety of staged scenes, props, and ornate furniture to take your pics to a whole new level. A total diamond-in-the-rough location and we love shooting bridals here!!

Pricing for The Secret Garden varies with what you are looking for from the experience.

  • $175.00 The Secret Garden Package Deal ( 1 Hour Session )
  • $250.00 The Secret Garden Package Deal ( 2 Hours Session )
  • $150.00 Inside Only ( 1 Hour Session )
  • $125.00 Gardens Only ( 1 Hour Session )

There is also a $75 travel fee.

The Secret Garden by Tiffany Lemoine



Looking for an indoor location? Check out these:

– ULL Alumni House (Lafayette)

View example photos here

Sessions at Alumni House start at $25 for 2 hours indoors on Wednesdays before 5pm. Saturday or Sunday fee is $150. No travel fee for this venue.

– Exposure Selfie Studio (Lafayette)

View example photos here

Cost is $50. Only available after hours and must be booked in advance. No travel fee for this venue.


– Acadian Village (Lafayette)

View example photos here

Sessions at Acadian Village start at $40 when shooting within their normal hours (Monday through Saturday, 10 am- 3 pm). Sessions outside of those hours start at $80 and can go up to $100 depending on the Acadian Village event schedule. No travel fee for this venue.

– Grand Opera House of the South (Crowley)

View example photos here

Sessions begin at $100 and must be booked in advance. No travel fee for this venue.

– The Hotel Bentley (Alexandria)

View example photos here

The Hotel Bentley is a 1908 historical site offering ornate designs, décor and furnishings – all wrapped around beautiful 3 story marble walls. Photography fee is waived for guests staying in the hotel, so it’s a perfect opportunity for a stay-cation! Rates start at just $120 per night.


– Afton Villa Gardens (St. Francisville)

View example photos here


– Nottoway Plantation (near Plaquemine)

View example photos here

Photoshoots at Nottoway begin at $275 for a 2-hour photoshoot. The plantation is open for sessions Sunday through Thursday, from 9 am to 9 pm. Travel fee is $100.

– Cypress Grove (Eunice)

View example photos here

– Houmas House (near Gonzales)

View example photos here

Houmas House is open Monday through Sunday from 9 am to 7 pm. Photo sessions start at $400 and increase according to the number of guests in attendance. Travel fee is $100.


– Race + Religious (New Orleans)

View example photos here

Usually unavailable on Saturdays, but certainly a true gem for photography. Venue fee unknown. Travel fee is $160.