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Ahnvee Photography Sessions | Frequently Asked Questions

Quality photography is an investment that appreciates over time, and we appreciate you investing in us! We pride ourselves in making you feel comfortable, relaxed, and flawless every step of the way. We ensure that all of your questions are answered as an integral part of our process. Here’s a sneak peek into some frequently asked questions we often get at Ahnvee Photography. Let’s dive in!

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Q: How do I book my session?

Contact Us for pricing, packages, inclusions, and add ons. At Ahnvee Photography, we’ve set aside Wednesday, Sunday, and Saturday afternoons just for you. Once you’ve picked out your preferred package and session date, we will send a simple digital contract for your signature as well as a retainer invoice. The retainer is 50% of the session fee + sales tax, and once paid, will secure your session in our books!

Q: What is a retainer, why is it non-refundable, and what does it cover?

Think of the retainer as your session’s security blanket! It’s a non-refundable deposit that reserves your chosen date and will go towards the total cost of services. If you opt to cancel the agreement, the retainer steps in to cover loss of business opportunity and availability, compensates for the loss of income, and acknowledges the time we’ve invested in preparing for your session.

Q: What is your photography style?

Creative, candid, & bold! We have a natural approach that incorporates an equal balance of artistic photojournalism and fine art editorial. Photojournalism is best described as a more relaxed, yet authentic approach that captures emotion and tells an immersive story. On the other hand, editorial photography is a guided approach focusing on style which draws the eyes to the subject matter with direction from the photographer. Our editing style is bold and artistic, while staying true to color. We pride ourselves in creating unique & timeless photos. View the award-winning gallery here.

Q: Do you retouch the images?

We do retouch every photo you choose; however, we like to keep it as light and natural as possible. Every image will receive eye enhancement, skin smoothing (removing imperfections, thinning wrinkles, and minimizing pores), slight contour, evening skin tone, and hair smoothing, if applicable. We use a technique called frequency separation which allows us to even out the skin and hair without losing the texture – resulting in skin that looks flawless but not retouched. Our goal is to enhance and perfect, but not make any drastic changes.

Q: Why can’t we schedule our session earlier in the day?

The best & most flattering lighting occurs 1 to 2 hours before sunset and after sunrise. This is when the sun is most even with the face, producing consistent & direct lighting. The light is also softer & at a more natural color temperature.

When the sunlight is too far above the subject, it highlights the forehead, nose & chin, causing these features to become focal points. It also creates shadows in the eye & mouth area, giving the unsightly appearance of raccoon eyes or darkened teeth.

We will work our own brand of magic when the ideal time frame isn’t an option. This does increase the time of a session & requires an assistant, thereby increasing the cost. Another option for working around your schedule is to choose an indoor location for your desired session.

Q: What happens if it rains on the day of the session?

Depending on the type of session and your preference, we have a few options available if the weather does not cooperate for your chosen session date.  Our first option is to continue with the session in an indoor location. We do have a boudoir studio available in most situations, and we can also book at other venues, although that may come with an additional fee for the use of the space (dependent on the venue).

Our second option is to adapt to the weather and make it work in a creative, artistic way. Rain can be romantic, and also brings dramatic skies and sometimes rainbows!

The third option is to reschedule. We do try to keep a few Sundays a month open and available for that reason, and we do have several weekday availabilities as well. Because we can’t control the weather, there is no fee to reschedule due to weather.

Q: When will we receive our photos?

Sessions are edited in the order in which they are photographed. We deliver galleries as soon as possible, but an exact time depends on the time of year, the number of sessions in the editing queue, and the extent to which your images require retouching.

We guarantee that your gallery will be ready within 4 weeks of the proofing selection. We also offer rush-editing at a turnaround time of one week from proofing selection for an additional fee of $100.

Our post-process requires a bit more time to deliver the artistic style shown our my portfolio. We artistically hand-edit each photo, retouching problem areas (blemishes, dark eye circles, teeth-whitening, etc), correcting shadows, highlights, contrast, exposure & white balance, removing distractions, implementing color correction, and our favorite: overall artistic enhancement.

Q: Do you travel for sessions?

Of course, we do! We love to travel and experience new destinations and photograph different sceneries! We travel within 20 miles of Lafayette, LA, for portrait sessions without any additional fees.

For distances further than 20 miles from Lafayette, LA, the travel fee is $1.00 per mile.

View a few of the different locations we photograph at: here

Q: Is it ok if my family/ friends take photos during my session with their devices?

Professional photographers do not allow photographs to be taken during the session as it violates the contract due to copyright infringement. It can also be very distracting for both the photographer and client.

Q: Can we purchase prints, photo albums, and other products?

We make it super easy to order prints and products straight from your gallery by offering high quality printing through our professional and trusted lab. Because we don’t want you to invest $500+ on a session and get subpar prints – we offer the high quality prints at our cost. The lab prints in all sizes and provides album options as well. To read more about this and see examples, check out our blog post on comparing print labs.

You will have access to purchase prints, products, and albums directly from your gallery and have it shipped to an address of your choice!

Q: Who chooses the edited photos that will be delivered? Will these be released digitally?

After the session you will receive an online gallery of unedited proofs. From this gallery YOU will choose the number of photos to be edited and delivered digitally! We artistically hand-edit each photo you choose, retouching problem areas (blemishes, dark eye circles, teeth-whitening, etc.), correcting shadows, highlights, contrast, exposure & white balance, removing distractions, implementing color correction, artistic enhancements, etc.

You do have the option to purchase additional digital images from the proofing gallery above the number included in your package for $30/image. These will also be hand edited as stated above.
However, any photo that you do not choose does not get edited and/or released to you digitally. This is our way of delivering stunning quality images at an affordable price!

Q: How many poses are done in a session?

During your session, we’ll be snapping away to capture a variety of poses and moments. It’s all about giving you a smorgasbord of options to choose from your proofing gallery. From classic smiles to candid laughs, we’re on a mission to capture the essence of you in every shot.

Q: Does the session time included in the packages (for example, “1 hour session”) include outfit changes, travel, consultations, getting ready, ect.?

The time referenced in the packages refers to photography time only, not the full experience. Certain locations require more walking/driving than others. For that reason, we wait until after our consultation to determine start time and total time spent based on the location and number of outfits. (For example: RVW Gardens and Jungle Gardens are large properties and timely to navigate, so we suggest an additional 30 mins for that reason. The bathrooms for changing are also located at the front of the property.)
Times referenced are estimates, but typically we take as much time as needed to achieve the right results. We are dedicated to providing 110% to every client, and don’t want the experience to be rushed, therefore we don’t limit our time or creativity. However, be aware that available light may become an issue if the session goes too far over the time estimated.

Q: Do you offer mini sessions?

While a lot of photographers offer “mini” sessions (one day, one location, back to back sessions in 20 minute increments), it simply does not work for our company structure. (Believe me we tried.) See, we not only provide beautiful quality photos, we also work hard to provide a comfortable and fun experience. We are dedicated to providing 110% to every client, and don’t want to be rushed, don’t want to limit our time, location, or creativity. We do, however, offer a small package that’s more affordable than the others without sacrificing the experience.

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