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Is Boudoir Worth the Price?

Hint – It’s Worth Every Penny!

It’s no secret that boudoir photo sessions are significantly more expensive than other types of portrait photography. Interested clients are often faced with shock when they see the prices of boudoir packages from professional photography studios. They might wonder – “Is boudoir worth the price?” However, similar to fine art, boudoir can be an incredible and worthwhile investment. From our perspective here at Ahnvee Photography, we’d like to share some insight on what your investment promises you. It’s so much more that just high quality – professional photos that we offer!

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The Personal Value of Boudoir

First of All, It’s an Empowering Experience

One of the most central tenets of boudoir photography: helping women reclaim theirselves. The media we are shown are often places unrealistic expectations on women, and we may feel pressure to conform to these expectations in order to be considered desirable or worthy. By embracing our bodies and expressing ourselves through boudoir photography, women can break these expectations and feel more empowered in our own skin.

Another benefit of boudoir, the photos you receive from boudoir photography can serve as a visual reminder of your beauty, strength, and worth for time to come. In moments of self-doubt or insecurity, looking back at these images can help you remember that you are * All that and more! *

Our team has put together a video of what to expect at our boudoir sessions to help you see what it’s all about. Watch it now!

Also, We are Curating an Environment for Self Care

With the Ahnvee Experience, you will absolutely spend the day getting pampered! Hairstyling & certified professional makeup application using high grade products specific for photography helps you feel your best. Mimosas, and snacks, and take home goodies are included in the experience so you can unwind as you get your makeup done. A boudoir playlist of music to get your inner star dancing!

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Professional Equipment & Technical Skillsets

First, Professional Equipment

Boudoir photography requires expensive lighting setups and lenses specific for indoor boudoir/glamour portraits. Your boudoir session with us will involve top of the line lighting, lenses, software. We think our portfolio speaks for itself!

Secondly, Experience and expertise:

Boudoir photography often requires a high level of skill and experience to create flattering, tasteful, and intimate images. Specific classes related to boudoir. Boudoir photography is often a personal and intimate experience, and photographers need to be discreet and respectful of their clients’ privacy. continuing education. Your photographer will be present with an executive assistant ready by their side. This extra hand will be ready to correct small issues and problem solve to ensure everything runs smoothly. You won’t have to worry about a thing!

On to, Location and setting:

Our studio is artistically designed and curated with expensive furniture, props, and fixtures to create a unique and visually pleasing space. No need to rent someone else’s second home for an entire day just for your photoshoot! Our boudoir studio offers a variety of aesthetics and furniture; we want to give you plenty of¬† options to choose from! After each session, we prioritize and pay someone to clean and sanitize the entire space. You can walk in ready to take photos in a comfortable, safe, clean, environment. Take a tour of our studio in our Boudoir Studio Tour post.

Next, Client Wardrobe:

We don’t require you to bring a single thing – except yourself! A large collection of lingerie, robes, accessories, pasties, etc for ALL body types awaits you. You experience the luxury of trying on these outfits in our studio, knowing that we are diligent about cleaning & sanitizing every article of clothing that was used prior to your session. View our wardrobe entire selection: here.

Finally, post-processing and retouching:

More skin showing = more retouching needed = more time spent making your photos that much more extraordinary!
ahnvee photography boudoir studio black leather bodysuit blonde hair on vintage lounge chair is boudoir worth the price? professional photos

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