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What role do I play here at Ahnvee Photography?

A photographer’s assistant is crucial in a photography studio team, supporting various tasks like equipment setup, prop organization, and managing lighting for a successful photoshoot. They anticipate needs, adjust settings, and create an ideal environment. Administrative responsibilities, such as scheduling and organizing files, are also part of their role. Their presence enhances efficiency, fosters collaboration, and ensures the photographer’s vision is brought to life, guaranteeing successful shoots.

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Hello folks! I’m Lex ~ nice to meet ya!

Who am I? First, I like to think of myself as a creative. I’ve been chasing that artistic passion for a little over six years now. Like Tiffany, the magic maker of Ahnvee Creative, I am a visual artist. However, I work with very different mediums. My main focus in the beginning of my creative career was on expression through self portraiture in Inks. My previous work is heavily focused on catharsis and identify.

 I am a local Acadian whose is also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. I identify as gender nonconforming (non-binary) and my pronouns are They/Them/Theirs. My chosen name is Lex R. Thomas, but call me Lex for short! I came out to my family and friends back in 2017. I’ll admit it was (and continues to be) a difficult journey, but one well worth it. Queerness is plays an integral role in who I am today.

If you were interested in seeing more of my work & learning more about me, visit my official website!

Here is a fun questionnaire so you can get to know me a little more 🙂

Lex R. Thomas

Like many people in their youth, I had dreams of going to the moon and beyond. Nature, space, and existence itself has fascinated me from the moment I was conscious enough to reflect on the stars. My mother prodded me to become an astronaut, doctor, scientist… etc. I was set on hard sciences until a small (but significant) spark of creativity ignited a passion for the arts in my adolescence.
It wasn’t until my 20s, that I took this in full stride and pursued something serious. Portraiture. A medium that has shaped me in a number of ways. Themes of existence, catharsis, and botanicals keep appearing within my personal work. Artmaking has shaped my identity. Expression in a physical format similar to the way a journal functions for others. As I grow older, the more I learn that creative work is a necessity. My dream is to live a life filled with making art that not only connects me with myself, but to others as well.

My spirit animal is the nautilus – HANDS DOWN!

I was given this advice from my friend, who received it from his therapist.

Place yourself in a valley. In the valley, you can see the mountains that surround you. Each mountain is an unique opportunity that is currently within your reach, given your current situation. You choose a path to follow, but it requires work. Through persistence and struggle, you finally make it to the peak of the mountain.

You’ve done so much work, and it’s paid off. Now you find yourself in a much better place than when you first started. Here’s the thing. Now you have a better view, and see mountains (opportunities) even taller than the one you are currently standing on. You are able to make out a path to these greater opportunities, but it requires you to go back down a valley, then start the struggle upwards again.

The moral of the story is that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable, and setbacks are a part of the process. Growth isn’t linear.

My biggest strength comes from my empathy for others. Within the workplace, this manifests in taking on extra tasks to lighten the loads of my coworkers, being a good listener, and adapting to changing expectations.

My biggest weakness, oddly enough, is connected to my biggest strength. My tendency to go the extra mile for others can sometimes lead me to not giving myself enough room to rest and recharge. It’s something I have to keep an awareness of, while also making sure to communicate my needs in the process.

I have a significant amount of experience as a creative myself, as well as a different perspective from my own artmaking in ink and paint. I am passionate about making art that connects with people, and I also understand the burdens of the business side of being a creative. I am known to be very reliable (as all my professional references would confirm) and will give my 100% at any moment. I am excited to work professionally and learn a lot of information in the process!

If you made it this far, thanks for getting to know me a little better!

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