Benefits of a Post-Wedding Portrait Session

Post-wedding portrait sessions are becoming increasingly more popular – and for very good reason! These emotional wedding portraits are similar to engagement sessions, but you are sporting your wedding day attire (wedding dress and suit). These can be booked anywhere from the day after the wedding, to your 1 year wedding anniversary!

post-wedding portrait emotional wedding portraits


There are so many reasons why these portrait sessions are super beneficial. Here are a few reasons why:

1. You can get tons of wall-worthy wedding portraits and still be able to spend your wedding day with family & friends

It’s no surprise that wedding photography can potentially take up 50% of the wedding day’s timeline. However, with a post-wedding portrait session, you can devote some of that time to the post-wedding session, opening up more time to celebrate with friends and family!


2. Your wedding day’s timeline of events did not allow for portraits

We have seen this happen and have experienced this more than we’d like to admit. Believe it or not, the time on your wedding day goes by incredibly fast, and sometimes events run behind schedule. Most times when this happens, bride and groom portraits are what get sacrificed in order to fit everything else appropriately. Book a post-wedding session and problem solved!


3. Your photographer has more time to be creative and artistic

This is personally our biggest issue with fast paced wedding photos. Most of the time we’re just trying to get the easiest shot so that you can get on with the rest of the wedding events. However, with lack of time also comes lack of creativity. With a post-wedding session, we are able to devote an unlimited amount of time to getting perfected, jaw dropping, artistic photos everyone will be taking about for years!


4. You have more options to shoot in better lighting (hello golden hour and sunset)

Piggy-backing off of the last point, a post-wedding portrait session also allows your photographer to take your portraits in the absolute best and most flattering lighting situations, for better quality and more creative and artistic photos. Whether it be outdoors during golden hour for that ethereal warm glow, during sunset for a romantic and beautiful backdrop, or indoors using artificial light for dramatic magazine worthy photos, your photographer is better able to manipulate the lighting situation vs. only working with the available light.


5. You have the option of shooting in unique locations instead of being tied down to your wedding venue

Would you like your portraits outdoors in nature, but there are no spots at or near your wedding venue to do so? Want to take your portraits at a plantation, but can’t afford it for the entire wedding day? Want your portraits in the Rocky Mountains but you live in Louisiana (YES, I have one of these booked next year!!) This one is a no brainer! Your options are endless if you book a post-wedding session!


6. You don’t have to worry about mother nature ruining the photos (no rain, sweating, or freezing)

Another no brainer here! There’s no need to fret or rush when your post-wedding session is perfectly planned around the weather.


7. More relaxed setting = better photos full of emotion

In conclusion, a wedding day can be stressful and chaotic for both the bride and groom and the wedding photographer(s). Ensure you look and feel your best in your portraits by booking a session after the wedding for a stress-free and flawless photography experience. This will allow you to be more relaxed, resulting in better expressions filled with romance and undeniable emotion.


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