ahnvee photography wedding ceremony bride and groom kiss as wedding party cheers in tall glass architecture windows

Wedding Photo Pro-Tips for Brides & Wedding Planners

Pro-Tips for Brides: How to Get the Best Wedding Photos – Straight from an Experienced Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with love and cherished memories. To ensure every moment is flawlessly captured, a skilled wedding photographer steps in with their camera and artist’s eye to preserve the magic. However, capturing perfect wedding photos requires more than just pointing and shooting. In this blog post, an experienced wedding photographer shares a treasure trove of pro-tips. Whether you’re a couple seeking advice to make your photos stand out or a wedding planner, this is the place for you. From pre-wedding preparations to capturing the ceremony and reception, we’ll explore insights, and practical tips born out of years of experience.


ahnvee photography wedding ceremony bride getting ready in robe Pro-Tips for Wedding Photos

  1. Bride should not go last for makeup/hair, should be MOG
  2. Have a designated trash corner and/or designate someone to clean up the bridal suite/getting ready space before the photographer arrives.
  3. I always strongly suggest first look! We have an entire blog dedicated to this topic: Wedding Day Pros & Cons of a First Look

The Wedding Ceremony

ahnvee photography wedding ceremony bride and groom kissing guests celebrating

  1. Choose fabrics carefully for your bridesmaids… those plastic like fabrics photograph terribly. Also- avoid neon or bright colors near faces.
  2. If you are requiring extended family be present for photos please be sure to TELL them to stay after ceremony
  3. If outdoors, check with your photographer on best time for lighting
  4. Long kiss, kiss twice at the ceremony. Once for first kiss, second halfway down the aisle to get all the guests in the shot. Walk slowly down aisle

The Reception

ahnvee photography wedding reception bride and groom dancing with long bridal veil near guests Pro-Tips for Brides

  1. Don’t have a backdrop behind your cake
  2. Spotlights are heaven for first dances. I love when they have a spotlight and deep lighting effects behind them for first dances
  3. Not necessary but bustling AFTER the first dance makes for gorgeous photos
  4. Choose a send off other than sparklers
  5. holding your arms up during dances hides faces
  6. Start a soul train at the reception

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, as we wrap up this blog post filled with pro-tips tailored to make your wedding day unforgettable, we hope you feel inspired and empowered to capture the best photos on your special day. By following the advice of experienced photographers, you can create a timeless collection of images that will transport you back to the joy and beauty of your wedding. Embrace the unexpected, communicate openly with your photographer, and cherish the little details and genuine emotions that make your wedding uniquely yours.  Your wedding day is an extraordinary experience, and through skillful photography, you can preserve its magic for generations to come.

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