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Hidden Costs for Photography Studios

There are Hidden Business Costs for Photography Studios Professional photographers are priced based on their expenses / costs of business in order to make a profit. This includes but not limited to: equipment (which is 25K+), professional editing software, accounting software, studio management software, proofing gallery subscription, props/supplies, advertising expenses such as website/marketing materials/ads/etc, fuel, […]


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Our Favorite Wedding Vendors in South Louisiana

Wedding planning is no easy feat no matter who you are. We’ve been in the wedding industry for almost 9 years now, and we have also planned our own weddings and helped so many others plan their big day. Therefore, we wanted to offer up some of our experience with wedding vendors in south Louisiana […]


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Frequently Asked Questions: Weddings

Quality wedding photography is an investment that appreciates over time, and we appreciate you investing in us! We pride ourselves in making you feel comfortable, relaxed, and flawless every step of the way, and ensuring that all of your questions are answered is an integral part of the process. Listed below are our most frequently […]