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Why Wedding Reception Laser Lights Hurt Your Photos!

When my new $2500 camera began to meet its demise, I questioned the reason why I was having so much trouble focusing and sending the signal to the flash. After hearing of similar issues from other photographers, we did some research. We determined that wedding reception laser lights can and often do damage cameras and their lenses. Be kind to your wedding photographer, Avoid laser lights – They hurt your wedding photos!

Scientifically speaking, this is due to very focused rays. In fact, the camera lens is even more sensitive to lasers than the human eye. 

Unfortunately, both of my cameras were damaged by laser lights and had to be replaced. Because of this, we have no choice but to implement a no-laser light rule at our client’s weddings and receptions. Please read the following clause here:

Client also understands and agrees that Vendor is not obligated to continue to perform under this Agreement if Vendor’s personal property has been or will be compromised or threatened at The Wedding Event, including, but not limited to, laser lights, rain, etc.

Even though laser lights have been popular at receptions for a long time, we promise that you won’t regret not having them. Your photographs will be so much better without them! As you can see below, not even editing them in black and white fixes the issue.

why laser lights at wedding receptions can ruin your photos


why laser lights at wedding receptions are a no blog post photo


why laser lights are a no at wedding receptions hurt Your Wedding Photos

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